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Solar Ambassadors

When we started Sun Powered Yachts five years ago, we envisioned creating a tribe of solar sailors.  That vision has now expanded to encompass a multi ocean and land based community of people solar powering their sailboats, motor yachts,  RVs, e-bikes, and other unique off grid projects.   And every day as someone new goes solar, this sustainably minded tribe expands even more.  We could not do this without the help and support of some key tribe members, our Solar Ambassadors.  


More often than not, these people are more than just solar sailors, they each have a deeper commitment to love and care for the environment and practice habits in line with that ethos.  We hope that in sharing their stories, and solar installation details, that more people will be inspired to go solar on their own boats, RVs, tiny homes, vans, or special projects.  

If you are interested in becoming one of our Solar Ambassadors, please email us more info about your boat or solar project needs and tell how why you want to represent this amazing solar tribe.  


Part of your responsibilities as an Ambassador is to use your social media, youTube, or other platforms to help share your solar story and get more people talking about solar.  Check out our pages on Instagram @sunpoweredyachts, Facebook,  and Twitter @sunpoweredyacht.  

SunPower flexible solar panels

Sail Clarity

7x 170W

Sail Clarity, a Leopard 46',  is home to Nick & Megan and is their fourth boat.  They've set up plenty of solar systems in their time and now have 4x327W SunPower fixed frame and 7x170W SunPower flex solar panels.  They have a new YouTube video on the 2.4kW SunPower solar system aboard.

SunPower flexible solar panels

SV Delos
Amel Super Maramu 50'

2x 170W & 4x 110W

Brian & Karin from SV Delos had to remove one of their fixed frame panels to make space for their internet dome.  To replace the lost power they added 780W of SunPower flexible solar panels.  They have a 24V battery bank so wired the panels in series to increase the voltage. Watch their YouTube video and check out

SunPower flexible solar panels

Sailing La Vagabonde
Rapido 60'
flex and 3x410s

Zenon runs adventure sailing trips in the Pacific North West aboard his Hanse 531. They installed 4x 170W SunPower flex panels on their bimini, that's around 225 amp hours a day at 12V - plenty of power for the charter guests.  For more info visit  their website  

SunPower marine flexible solar panels

Beneteau Figaro3

1x 110W

Charlie at NAOS Yachts ocean tested a SunPower 110W aboard his foiling Figaro3 on the TransPac 2019.  Needless to say it was a wet and bumpy ride from LA-Hawaii & the 110W powered all their items on the 2,200NM crossing.  Read our blog post for more details.

SunPower flexible solar panels

Sailing Nandji
Tayana 47'

Harry is cruising the remote islands of French Polynesia with over 2,380W (2.38kW) of high efficiency SunPower flex panels aboard his Alibi 54'.  With few options for plugging into shore power he can really disconnect from the dock!

marine solar panel

Sailing Zephyr
2x 410W

Dirk installed 6x 170W SunPower flexible solar panels on his bimini to charge a 48V battery bank and power his Elco EP-20 electric outboard.  He's now quietly cruising the lakes all day and returning to the dock with full batteries.

SunPower E-flex solar panels

Calico Skies
Sabre 37'

3x 410W + Flex

We met Ed at the Big Bay Boat Show in January 2019 and he went on to install his 2x110W SunPower flex panels aboard his 43' Jeanneau and put together a great write up on the installation process.  Wired in parallel to a Victron 100|30 this allowed Ed room for expanding his solar array, which he did with 2 more 110W panels.  Read his case study in our news feed. 

SunPower flexible solar panels

The Foster Journey
2x 110W?

Explore further!  With 2x110W panels Scott is able to explore more remote parts of the Baja peninsular and stay out camping for longer.  He uses solar to power his Dometic cooler aswell as laptop, phones etc  By using a 50' PV extension cable he can park in the shade and run the panels out into the sun and move them during the day to capture more sun.  

SunPower flexible solar panels

Two The Horizon
Passport 42'

An install in Turkey by Yes Enerji of 4x 100W SunPower E-flex panels on a Beneteau 50.  Very tidy velcro pocket install running the wires from each panel under a small 'flap' and then in the zipper that runs under the bimini. 

Sun Powered Yachts

Angel Collinson & Pete Willauer
Sea Bear 

2x 370W, 1 x110

We installed a 170W (4x12) on our Dufour 382 in Corsica.  During our week aboard in 2019 we took down the bimini and had a sailmaker in Bonefacio add a velcro 'pocket'.  This will help reduce the number of engine hours just for charging & have happier charter guests - nobody likes a noisy engine.  We oversized our controller (Victron 100|50) as we plan to add more panels later. 

SunPower flexible solar panels

Cruiser's Academy
Passport 42'

2x 410W

On his Gozzard 36' Rich created a super tidy, custom aluminum frame & polycarbonate backing sheet to support the 2x170W flex panels.  This ties into their bimini frame & provides discreet & quiet power aboard.  Paired with a Victron 100|30 SmartSolar MPPT charge controller.

SunPower flexible solar panels

David Shih
Lagoon 440

"l did the sewing myself using my Sailrite LSZ-1".  Cathy added 2x 100W SunPower flexible solar panels with LOXX stainless steel fasteners & now enjoying discreet, silent power aboard.  2x100W panels will provide around 66Amp hours each day to their 12V battery bank.  

marine solar panels

Q+M Travels
Kelly Peterson 46

2x 110W

Q&M Travels rocking their 2x110W flex panels aboard their charter boat in the Bay Area.  Sail with Quincey & Mitchell and enjoy those silent sunsets aboard.  Check out their website

SunPower flexible solar panels

Sustainable Sailors
flex panels

880W of renewable power aboard  a Catana 471 with SunPower flexible solar panels.  That's a lot of clean & quiet power aboard, nice!  Install by Patrick & his team at Marine Electric Systems in Annapolis, MD.  

SunPower flexible solar panels

Sailing Bohemia
Beneteau ?
2x 110W

Team 'Funky Dory' had a SunPower 50W flex panel aboard when they took on the Race To Alaska (R2AK) raising money & awareness for Pacific Wild Hats off it would have been a wet ride!   

SunPower flexible solar panels


1x 170W

Brian from RVwithTito has been installing & experimenting with solar on his RV for many years.  He recently added a SunPower 170W with a neat method that meant zero holes in his roof!  Check out his website or search his YouTube channel for more details on his projects.

SunPower flexible solar panels

Fine Day for Sailing
1x 100W

Why not hook up your 100W panel to an Ecoflow River and camp longer?  These are solar generators, large lithium ion battery banks, that can be charged with solar power and provide DC power aswell as invert to 110V AC power.   Check them out

SunPower flexible solar panels

Zen Sailing Adventures
1x 110W

Zenon runs adventure sailing trips in the Pacific North West aboard his Hanse 531. They installed 4x 170W SunPower flex panels on their bimini, that's around 225 amp hours a day at 12V - plenty of power for the charter guests.  For more info visit  their website  

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