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Introducing the SunPower® E-Flex 170Watt: The World's Most Powerful Flexible Solar Panel

Sun Powered Yachts is so excited to announce the new SunPower® E-Flex series 170Watt flexible solar panel! It is literally being manufactured as I type! These 170Watt panels exclusively use SunPower® Generation 3, Prime Maxeon™ highest efficiency solar cells. Truly, the most solar power for your yacht in the least amount of space. Imagine how sleek and sexy these panels will look on your bimini, deck or hard top. More power in one panel means less wires, and a much quicker install. Sailing with the sun has never been easier!

We are anticipating a big demand for this new, higher Wattage flexible solar panel. We are going to be taking pre-orders in preparation for our first shipment, expected to arrive late December or early January, to ensure we can meet all of our customers solar needs and not run out of stock as quickly. If you would like to reserve one or more 170Watt panels for your yacht, visit our website and pay for your panels now. We will ship your pre-paid panels out to you as soon as we have them in stock! We will be selling these panels on our website for $550/panel which includes FREE Shipping in the U.S. These 170Watt panels will not be available via online retailers as the 50Watt and 100Watt SunPower® E-Flex panels are, and will only be available through a SunPower authorized dealer such as Sun Powered Yachts. In addition, U.S. residents are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit on the purchase of a solar system for their yacht. More details on our website:

Unfortunately, even though SunPower was granted an exemption on other Wattage panels with these high efficiency cells, the range of non exempt panels falls between 120-320Watts. The 170Watt E-Flex panels are currently being manufactured in France and will therefore be subject to the solar tariff if purchased in the U.S. The tariff is included in our pricing. Regardless, SunPower desires to offer these to U.S. customers, so they are importing them and we will be able to offer them to all our customers in the next couple months. If you are outside of the U.S. and wish to purchase these, you may pay a reduced price without the added tariff. Please contact us to pre-order your 170Watt panels today! Disconnect from the dock and start sailing with the sun! Call us 808-825-2670 or email us:

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