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Does your RV or camper say that it's "pre-wired for solar"?  It's very likely that means the manufacturer has run some wiring and ended at what is called an SAE connector.  Most solar panels don't have SAE connectors, they use MC4 connectors so you will need an MC4 to SAE connector cable.


Note: Please be sure to double check that you have the positive and negative the correct way around, it is often the case that you will need to make use of the reverse polarity adapter (included) to ensure the correct positve and negative wire run all the way from the solar panel to the SAE connector.



MC4 to SAE connector

    • 10AWG wire
    • Rated Voltage 600V
    • Rated current 35A
    •  Approx 13" length
    •  Comes with reverse polarity adaptor - please ensure that the positive and negative from the panel match with the connectors as often the MC4 connectors in particular will be reversed.

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