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Are you looking to charge your solar generator with a SunPower flexible solar panel?  You will likely need an MC4 to 8mm connector.  Just connect your solar panel to the MC4 connectors and plug it straight into your solar generator (eg Jackery, Goal Zero)  No need for an MPPT charge controller as it's all built-in to your solar generator. 


Note: remember to put the solar panel in the sun and the solar generator in the shade! 

MC4 to 8mm connector

    • Input: MC4
    • Output: 8mm
    • For up to 200W of solar panels
    • 12AWG wire
    • Rated current 35A
    • Male MC4 = Negative (black), Female MC4 = Positive (red)
    • Length: approx 3'2" (1m)

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