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Do you have a high voltage battery bank (eg 96V) that you are looking to charge with solar?  Maybe you have gone electric and are looking to complement that with solar and offest your usage and help extend your range & time on the water?  Then the AERL high voltage charge controller could be the solution you are looking for.


• High Input Voltages for Ease of Install • Superior Peak Power Efficiency – Over 98% • PV Array Oversizing Support (+40%) • Reverse Polarity and Current Protection • Built-In Overload and Thermal Protection • Designed for Long Term Reliability • Master/ Slave Configuration Options • Interactive Touch Screen Configuration • Smart Multi-Stage Battery Charging • Compatible with most Battery Systems


Note: free shipping does not apply as this item ships from Australia, lead time to USA is approx 3-4 weeks.  Please contact us for a shipping estimate.


Click here to download product spec sheet (pdf)

AERL CoolMax MPPT SRX HV 300/40 & temp sensor

SKU: SRX 300/40
  • Model Number: SRXHV 300/40

    Nominal Battery Voltage Range: 90V - 170V

    Maximum Charge Current: 40A

    Nominal PV Power: 5760W @ 120Vnom

    Maximum PV Short Circuit Current: 32A

    Maximum PV Voltage Open Circuit: 300Voc (Coldest) 

    Minimum PV MP Voltage: 1.3 * Vnom

    Maximum Conversion Efficiency: 98.7%

    Overload Behavior: Operating Point Shift (Power Limitation)

    Battery Temperature Compensation: Yes

    Remote Temperature Sensor (Included): Yes

    Ambient Operating Temperate Range (Full Rated Output up to 80% Ambient °C/F):  -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)

    Storage Temperature: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)

    Self-Consumption (Idle): 100mA @20V

    Communications Protocols: CANbus & RS485

    Communications Ports: RJ45 & USB (Mini B)

    Required Cabinet Air Exchange Rate (Intake @40°C): 20 m3/hr

    Heatsink Temperature @ Full Power: 35°C (95°F) Rise

    Sealed Inductors & Conformal Coating: Yes

    Conforms to: IEC 62109-1, EN 61000.6.3:2012, EN 61000.6.4:2012

    Warranty: 3 – 5 Years (Conditions Apply)


    Click here to download product spec sheet (pdf)


SunPower 170W E-flex solar panels

So now I generally

don't bother hooking

up to shore power!

Thanks for all the help in planning my solar project for my boat. The two 170W flexible panels fit well on my Bimini and now I generally don't bother hooking up to shore power.  Although I haven’t had any long trips since my installation I have done a few day trips. And even with fridge, radio, plotters, autopilot and occasional radar it seems that these panels are keeping up with my usage. I did add some stiffener material to the back of the panels and attached the panels with zippers and they have survived a few 30 knot days and one night with winds gusting well over 55 knots. No damage at all and no signs of flexing problems. 

The advice and service has been great.  Thanks again.



Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469

high efficiency flexible solar panels

It made my project

work, thank you

Lyall and Katie are so knowledgeable.  I tried this project with a lesser quality panel and the project failed because it wasn't efficient enough. The SunPower® Maxeon Gen III cells are compact and simply kick out more Volts/Current than all the others on the market today.   And by using the SunPower® panel, everything was smooth and efficient.  I love my new 170W 29V 5.83A panel!!  It made my project work.   Thanks Lyall for all your knowledge in making this work. 


E-recumbent trike & trailer

Terrific customer service, patient, always responsive

The process of researching a solar solution for my Beneteau 41 was simplified & clearly understood once I discovered Sun Powered Yachts.  Terrific customer service, patient, always responsive with guidance and products that just work. Being a novice at setting up a solar system, I had many questions along the way, and the team at Sun Powered Yachts were always there to answers my questions and provide support.


Beneteau 41

SunPower marine solar panels
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